Circle Jerk


A circle jerk is the act in which several males gather in a circle and masturbate themselves or each other.

Though there are no clear-cut rules to a circle jerk, heterosexual participants don’t typically touch each other.

Not that they don’t entirely – many have, many are doing, and many will (for FOREVER) and you can do nothing to stop it. If it’s of any consultation, homophobes, the straight ones may close their eyes during the session.

Sometimes a circle jerk is performed as a contest. In these events, the first participant to climax symbolically proves their masculine dominance.

Pretzels: Circle Jerk Style


Say Sex Louder with TravelSexLife!


Say Sex Louder Cadets,

I would like to formally announce the launch of TravelSexLife, an affiliated project that has been a blast to be a part of, started in affiliation with fellow travel enthusiasts, Will Peach and Stephen Wright.

Here’s the tagline:

We are a travel and lifestyle site with an interest in all things sex. Travelling opens our eyes to new places, people and experiences. The very nature of travel is conducive to sexual exploration and growth. And we believe that sex can be as much a valid travel experience as is language acquisition, cultural exchanges and culinary delights.

Stop on by and let us know what you think!

Dirty Sanchez


An alleged sexual practice, wherein the Receiver has feces smeared onto their upper lip.

Playground lore has it that the honorary mustache is obtained after sex is finished, though it can happen at any time during sex.

Though it isn’t commonplace, the Dirty Sanchez most definitely has gained traction in reality. Celebrity Dustin Diamond, “Screech” from the television show “Saved by the Bell,” notoriously gave his sex partner a Dirty Sanchez in a leaked sex video in 2006.

There’s nothing wrong with it, so long as all partners are into it.

A young boy totally gives his jack-o-lantern a dirty sanchez



Derived from the words “vagina” and “bedazzle,” vaggazling is to adorn ones vaginal region with jewels (often from the naval down) so as to bedazzle spectators or cunilinguists.

Her sweet little paddy is as vajazzled out with sesame seeds as-is possible

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with one’s vagina, some women feel more comfortable decorating their love toes.

Vajazzling is often the subject of ridicule; in recent years, it’s popularity increased when actress Jennifer Love Hewitt admitted to being a vajazzling enthusiast.

People who criticize vajazzling’s value without second-guessing their own wardrobe are hypocrites. Do you wear makeup? Do you style your hair?  If you’re guilty of ever having worn a sequin dress to a party, then leave the vajazzlists to their rhinestone butterflies.

Tentacle Porn


Tentacle erotica, or “tentacle sex,” as it’s often referred to, is actually a blanket term that refers to all stories in which creatures force their way onto men and women and penetrate them with their tentacles. The tentacles are usually quite strong, and are capable of easily dominating and penetrating any man or woman in multiple orifices at once.

These films (and cartoons, manga, novels) are likely responsible for the way with which many westerners refer to Japanese sex culture; namely: “crazy.” Which is unfair; especially when one considers how anthropomorphic romance has always made its way into pop culture. Team Jacob from Twilight comes to mind. Ladyhawke is a classic. King Kong would have fucked that broad had she the elasticity. Hell, Little Shop of Horrors is one rape shy of being the most mainstream tentacle erotica of all timeEver.

A Beauty and the Beast Geisha is about to get it good from several slimy tentacles

Though people naturally assume that anytime a person is penetrated by a tentacle, it must be rape, one of Japan’s earliest tales of tentacle love depicts it as a consensual act. In The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, a shell diver marries the man of her dreams, and is distressed to find that Ryugu, the dragon god of the sea, has stolen his family’s precious pearl. To prove her loyalty, she swims to the bottom of the ocean, steals the pearl back, and is chased by Ryugu and his army. One thing leads to another, and bam – consensual orgy with every tentacle she can possibly suction to her flesh. Or suck on. So much for loyalty.

That was only a section of the article, by the way, written in affiliation with Travel Sex Life, a project Say Sex Louder is proud to be apart of. Want some more tentacle porn?